Verizon Yealink One Talk Reset Password - Default Password

Reset Verizon T46x Series Phones - Factory

The Verizon branded T46g/s phones have a Verizon bezel.  To factory reset these the password is


The standard Yealink Password is simply 23646.  So if you are not using a Verizon phone you can use this password to do the reset

To get to this factory reset simple power on the phone and then press and hold the OK for 10 seconds until the password box appears
Type in the password and press OK
Phone will reset

If you get stuck with this portion, - try this first and then proceed back to the previous step

Remove Power from phone
Press and hold SPEAKER button (bottom right of phone) and then power on phone
When you see the page with the IP information  -  Press OK
Then restart the phone

Hope this helps

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